My beautiful life…

Wife to my soul mate, my other half, stealer of kisses and late night cuddles.

He and my 3 amazing children complete my life in ways that are unexplained.

Originally from KZN, I am a daughter to my loving parents, a sister to two brothers and two sisters.

I love the Lord Jesus, he is my beginning and my end and every day I thank Him for blessing me with the amazing talent of capturing pure life as it happens.  My prayer every day is to honor Him through my work as He has blessed me with unconditional love, my family, my vision and my heart. For without Him I would not have been inspired to experience this amazing journey.

I love the simple things in life… my friends and family, cooking, the smell of rain and of course dancing in the rain.

I prefer sunsets over sunrise – any day.  I love to laugh, and absolutely love being tickled – laughter is the remedy for the soul…

My favourite colour in the world is pink.  I’m eclectic and intuitive only because I cherish what I love and I can feel what’s real.

I’m honest and patient (who wouldn’t be with three little monkey’s)

My Dad is my Hero my Man, my knight in shining armour and my kids are my heart.

How it started…

My passion for photography was born with the birth of my firstborn,  in 2004 who with her beauty inspired me. When she was born I listened to people’s comments on how fast she will grow up and that I must cherish every moment I spend with her. That the changes she will go through are truly remarkable, and sooner than I know, she will be all grown up right before my eyes.

Time did indeed pass and before I knew it, it was difficult remembering her chubby little legs, little dimples, tiny fingers and toes.  With this in mind, I always found myself going to the album to reconnect with those precious moments in our lives.  Having these pictures and being a mother I was constantly reminded of what a blessing she really is.

Following the birth of my next two children, I realized how much I loved what I do and how much family means to my life.  I then decided to concentrate on photography full time, offering families my service so they too can have the most fleeting moments in their lives cherished forever.

I honestly believe every single person has been created in the likeness of our Lord and the love I have for capturing these moments is something I treasure each and every day.                                                                                                                                                                                                              


 My Style…

My shooting style is relaxed, natural and fun.  I capture your child’s true personality and spirit by having as much interaction with them.  In this way they tend to get comfortable around me, resulting in capturing the natural expressions of everyday conversation and the images portray who they really are from their funny expressions to their character.  These are memories which are treasured most.  They are genuine happiness, delight, exploration, and the love between families.

I shoot on location, be it your home/garden or one of your favorite family locations making your photos as unique as you are, or you can make use of my in-home natural light studio.

I am certain that by visiting my website you understand the importance of capturing these fleeting moments in YOUR families lives. These are moments that pass us far too quickly in our hectic daily schedules and you will never get another chance to touch those  wrinkled tiny feet of your infant or see those toothless grins on your little ones faces.

Combining my love for children and the passion for photography, I am able to create beautiful portraits that capture the innocence of childhood and true beauty which lies in the heart.

My journey is a story of love for our creator, for my family, for my art, and for your children…

All my love





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